About Us
International Solution Partner in Diagnostics

At Coremed, we refurbish Siemens , Abbott and Sysmex In-Vitro Diagnostics instruments in our 500m2 office. Our team has over 20 years of experience in Diagnostics, serving well-known brands with used and refurbished instruments. Our team has undergone valuable training and are servicing brands such as Siemens, Abbott, Sysmex. All processes are completed by experienced engineers who have been trained and certified by the original equipment manufacture (OEM).

Coremed's core business is to provide refurbished as well as used instruments, with the same high-quality standards mainstream companies provide. We are supporting Turkey , Middle-East and eastern European countries, with used or refurbished instruments, while also providing spare parts.

During the refurbishing process, our goal is to restore all instruments to like new condition. We start by disassembling instruments down to the frame. The main structure is plated and treated while all other metallic components are polished and painted to match the original color. During re-assembly, components are validated, repaired or replaced as needed, followed by full diagnostics calibration. Refurbished instrument’s undergo quality control testing to meet manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications. Quality control testing is run with original reagents. Test results are recorded and full reports are provided with each instrument. Thus, we can provide medical institutions with high quality and reliable refurbished instruments with tremendous cost-savings as an alternative to new instrumentation.